a map of investment in African innovation

This will be a summary of the research you have done so far. And also include what you are in the middle of and what you will continue to do. At the end of the term, this paper will be sent to your outside reviewers.

I have read and continue to read articles, papers and website mission statements and events concerning efforts to promote African innovation.

As I continue to explore the work that is being undertaken worldwide, I need to begin to draft my questions to African tech inventors in the NYC area.

Through my research I realize that not only do I want to cover projects, I also want to touch on policy. I would also like to include an article with a tech policy maker, probably in Nigeria (my closest network,) where we discuss any systems that could be in place to promote innovation in the region.

Now, I am preparing my questions. Though questions will vary per person or institution, I want to have a baseline (in a separate document) of questions that should be covered.

I think I need advice about how to find a unifying factor beyond African tech in the NYC area.

I also need to start building small data sets, or mashups of the content and resources that will populate my website, in addition to the articles I am writing.

I also have to think about new media. I want 360 video to depict some of these art works, or some kind of 360 rotational view of objects. So I need to begin working on that.

Website design is a major issue. I will start some kind of design and perform user testing. I need it to be as simple as possible, because I am not a major Website designer.


Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist