Africa Maker Logo


Creating this logo was a very personal experience for me. I wanted the logo to be in the style of contemporary African Art, but with some traditional context.

I have always been drawn to the motifs used in many African artifacts. These symbols have meanings, and are usually connected to a tribe or village / locality.

I sought to create an African mask, that identifies me, is true to mask design and that also includes a motif for makers.

I decided to create it in p5.js mainly because I really can’t draw, nor illustrate, and the p5 platform has given me a canvas to program my vision.

sketch of Africa Maker logo
sketch of Africa Maker logo

What does this mask mean? What is the symbology?

I wanted the facial features: eyes, nose, mouth to be indistinguishably African, hence the pronounced nostrils and thicker lips. Though Africans have all sized facial features, there is no denying this look.

I am from a town in Nigeria called Ile-Ife (Ife). In fact, most don’t even know that I am an African princess…, of like one of the highest orders. My family is among the group of the sons of the founder of the Yoruba race.

I connect to my family, but because I was mainly raised here in the US, I have basically lived my own life, separated from the affairs and ceremonies of my really big and infamous heritage.

However, I still feel connected to my roots, so to say.

The three lines on each side of the mask signify my locality. It says that the face is of an indigene of Ile-Ife. They are the tribal marks of the Ife people, well, at least according to this chart:

Yoruba tribal marks
Image from:

The energy symbol is located on the forehead to signify that this is where all the maker feelings and intent comes from. It is a reminder to the viewer that creativity comes from the mind and that it is powerful.

The smoky effect is to further compound the meaning of the strength that lies in the power of the mind.

Here are the different versions of this mask: