thumb piano image from the p5 editor


So now it works much better. The way it works now is that when the mouse is rolled over each key, it emits the corresponding sound. The issues I have with this in this format is that if the mouse stays too long on each note, the sound gets distorted.

I am trying to have of a multi modal input instrument that can be more accessible to individuals with special needs / mobility challenged. 


Mapping the Thumb Piano App
  Rollover with mouse Tap with Mouse Touchscreen Keyboard Facial Gesture
Rhythm Each note can be played        
Melody One sound to each key        

User 1

  • Feels like the real thing
  • Latency / timing / buffer issue
  • Looks cool
  • Sounds good when played right
  • Browser issues on touch screen

User 2

  • Looks cool
  • Needs more user instructions, as in do you click, rollover?
  • Felt like it would be hard to play a melody with rolling over
  • Browser issues after first use (browser froze)
  • Likes the idea of many inputs for accessibility
  • Feels cool

User 3

  • Looks cool
  • Liked the sound effect from remaining rolled over on the keys
  • Felt cool, especially with being able to have sound effects (from the latency mistake)
  • Play more with it, based on the sound effect
  • Had browser issues in Firefox
  • Noticed that the app is called a thumb-piano, but on the browser we mostly use 2 fingers, index and middle
  • Played it with her thumb and said it required more muscle memory
  • Preferred the well-rounded sound of using her thumb, and thought it sounded better
  • After a few more plays, enjoyed the feel of using her thumbs because of the sound quality
  • Wanted to see more color, but when I expressed the color contrast is meant to address accessibility and contrast for low vision users, liked the interface