marijuana plant

If scaling refers to where in the geographic /ecological to economic space does the distribution from food to person stem from, the scale of my project would be on the restaurateur level. I want to create a menu of specialized cannabis foods specific to certain crowds and for certain purposes.

In my experience, marijuana edibles or even the smoked stuff on the regular / black market is quite unpredictable. One experience could be so pain relieving and anxiety reducing, and the next batch just makes a person irritable and paranoid.  One batch could make you forget about food, but the next batch could make a person feel the deepest food insatiety, regardless of numerous re-feeds.

Admittedly, this herb has the potential to help with deep concentration and pain management. Proponents of the 'drug' claim it helps with the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • Epileptic Seizures
  • Controlling the spread of Cancer
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Alzheimer's

And so much more:


I want to have a restaurant or food delivery service that has new options, with directed purposes, for cannabis consumption. I want to be able to ensure that the strains I am using will deliver the effects I am marketing. For example:

  • Liquid shots that increase energy
  • A savory, or even tasteless seaweed type sack edible (see video below)
  • A sweet sponge, that is free of additives, sugar and looks natural
  • A pain relieving tea, mixed with other herbal tea blends, that is high in CBD or THC
  • A spore-type drink, with effervescence, that could substitute for a bubbly drink
  • Several elixir's that I could add to other food items.



I mentioned an elixir above.... I want to research extraction methods to create elixir's for purposes such as pain, anxiety, concentration, energy, arousal. from what I understand each strain of cannabis is known for a certain purpose.

However, is it ethical to bio-engineer strains to ensure they satisfy these needs? Nature has her intention far beyond our understanding. I am more interested in cultivating the strains known deal with the aforementioned purposes, and then create new food products from there.

How can I then be inspired by the structure of the marijuana plant to create products that enhance its bio-chemistry? Is a spore-type drink the best way to create a natural bubbly? Should I be thinking of something more like a 'honey' because it has a resin-like property to it?

How do I direct my research to use the natural properties of cannabis to make food products that capitalize on its molecular structure?