• Marijuana, Scaling and my Intentions

    marijuana plant

    If scaling refers to where in the geographic /ecological to economic space does the distribution from food to person stem from, the scale of my project would be on the

  • Africa Maker UX: Storyboard 1

    Africa maker story board 1

    Conceptualizing the Africa Maker website and it's API using user scenarios and story boards.

    Here is my first User Experience storyboard. I am going to create more scenes for different

  • Mock Africa Maker Review

    From a group of Nigerian high school girls who made an app to scan and detect fake medications, to an outdoor aluminum oven that preserves locally farmed crops in Kenya…

  • My Thesis preliminary portfolio

    I plan to explore new African innovation, especially projects that are created as a response to a social, health or environmental issue. I will begin with a publication, Africa Maker, and will initially research African technology innovators in the New York area. One of the works covered will be my work as a maker of DIY adaptive technology.
  • Exploring kinetic and magnetic energy

    exploring magnetic energy

    We explored several possibilities with kinetic energy.

    Our first experiment was to manually move a dc motor to light up an led...

  • What is scaling in food systems thinking?

    The major issue with scaling is that many models from various disciplines make up the scalar data. So geography, environment, human resource, seeding, consumers, and many factors go into measuring food scales. But these are all separate scientific fields with differing models of research and measurement.